Friday, November 26, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Get More Traffic To your Blog and Earn Money

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Club Asteria - Your Gateway to a brighter Future

You all know by now that Club Asteria is paying for months and hundreds of people joining every day and even updgrading as Network Directors ($1k and above) and you can see how many are joining as ND every day here
Many in club asteria are already earning $3k and above per month by way of weekly commission run, Cash bonus, Referral commission and Network director's Income.
Weekly commission Run
Every week on Thursday weekly commission are paid for on the number of asterios one has, it goes up to maximum of 10%, as on date it is hovering around 7 to 8%. Out of that 80% goes back to your account as asterios and rest 20% in cash balance which you can either withdraw or reinvest. This way your asterios keep going up every week.
Cash Bonus
If any of your direct referrals purchase asterios, you get 10% commission.

Referral Bonus
One has to join either as Silver ($10 per month) or as gold member ($20 per month) and later purchase asterios. You get $9 for each direct gold under you and $4.50 for each direct silver under, if you have 50 direct gold, that will give you $450 per month.

NetworkDirector's Income
Already the above three income gives you a good monthly residual, but Network directors income can be huge and you get paid on your entire downlines unlimited depth, 5% if you are ND1, 10% if you are ND2 and 15% if you are ND3 etc. Joining as ND1 will cost you $1000 and as ND2 you need to purchase asterios worth $2000 and ND3 is $5k.
100% Matching Bonus
If you join as silver/gold and purchase 250 asterios and above with in 14 days you will get 100% matching bonus i.e you will have 250 + 250 = 500 asterios instead of 250 asterios, same applies if you go as Network director, you will get 100% matching bonus if you go as ND2, ND2 or ND3.

You can read more about the program and what is asterios and who is Andrea Lucas etc here :
If you want to join and upgrade you can click the banner below and if any query you can add me to skype : tulips52

Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Being Kind Hearted the same as being Weak willed?

Aggressive people or people with dominate personalities, look at kindhearted people as weak. But that's far from the truth.
Being kindhearted is wanting the best for someone and working hard to help those who need you, reach their goals. Enabling them to succeed may mean having to say no. Being weak willed would be the opposite, by giving someone everything they need, even if that meant enabling them to fail.They are two very different scenarios with completely opposite intentions.
Kindhearted people look out for others feelings when dealing with a situation. They can get their point across without yelling and screaming and cussing somebody out. Being nice and kindhearted without going overboard is fine, but when you are so kind you let people run over ya, then yea, it's definitely time to quit being so kind.
Now how does this relate to building a successful business?
Once the excitement of joining a new program has worn off and the real work begins it is easy to become discouraged. So what should you do?
Take a realistic look at your expectations.
  • Do not expect it to be easy, like “falling off a log.”
  • Do not absorb other peoples negative opinions and let them become your own.
  • Do not become discouraged and quit growing, because if you do you will lose out on all the work you have done and the seeds you have planted will never have a chance to take root and grow. Instead you will become like a tumble weed tossed to and fro. 
You will become weak willed and easily swayed by others who are looking for the easy pot of gold at the end of some rainbow. The next mlm company or 5 other mlm companies always searching but never quite succeeding... Jumping from one program to another but never really succeeding at any of them because they never stayed around long enough or did what was necessary to reap the harvest of their field.
And if you allow your kindheartedness to turn you into being weak willed, well then you will find yourself far away from your goals and wondering how you got there.'s like horse shoes n hand comparison. I am very kind hearted and I have an iron will. Some would like us to believe that they are the same but I think not! Being kindhearted makes one a better person.
The world needs a lot more kindness these days.
"What We Can't Do Alone We Can Do Together"
Wishing You Unlimited Success,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Connie Pusins


Welcome and thank you very much for stopping by. My name is Connie Pusins, an Affiliate Marketer and an Investor. I have live in Hawaii since 1979. I was born and raised in the Philippines where I met my husband for over 30 years. His name is Henry, and we have 3 beautiful daughters who are now adults and have their own family. I am 56 years old, with 6 grand children , 3 boys and 3 girls. Their ages ranging from 14 years old to the youngest one who will be 2 years old this coming March. 

My husband and I decided to come to Hawaii to provide a better opportunity and future for our children.
My family and I have enjoyed living in Hawaii all these years and love the culture and all the friends that we have met throughout the years. We enjoy camping at the various beaches during the summer.

In 2004, I decided to retire from my job as an accounting clerk in a non-profit health care organization. I was not happy anymore and felt that I need to find something to free me from everyday commute to work. For the past 20 years, my husband and I have been driving more than one hour to go to work , and fighting traffic daily. 
While staying home and babysitting for my grandkids, I was looking for ways to make money online. I ventured into the world of network marketing. Network marketing seemed like it would work out well because the start-up costs are low and it didn't seem like it really took any special skills to succeed. 
Boy, was I wrong!
I now understand why 97% of network marketers fail. Man, it is hard, and it makes you feel about 2 inches tall most of the time. Dealing with the constant rejection and always feeling like friends and family want to avoid you is painful to say the least!
When I started out, I figured that my upline knew what they were talking about because they were all apparently making a ton of money. But, when I did the things they told me to do, NOTHING seemed to work.

So, I started buying leads, and spent an enormous amount of time on the phone or in meetings TRYING to persuade people of my great opportunity - and it really was a great opportunity.

After about a year and a half, my motivation had faded and was almost nonexistent, and my bank account was facing a slow death too. I literally was spending about twice as much as I was bringing in. I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel - running around and around but going nowhere.

After about 18 months of dismal results, for some reason I found the motivation to give it one last shot. I began to do some deep soul searching about what I was really trying to accomplish and how I was going about it. Late one night I was online searching for answers and I stumbled  an article about Affiliate marketing. I was very skeptical at first because I had tried so many other programs with little results and I literally was on my last dime.

I decided I had nothing to lose,  if it didn't work since  it was just a small investment. 

After a few months,  I was shocked at how truly revolutionary it was. I have looked at so many programs out there to help you succeed in network marketing, and this was absolutely nothing like what I had seen.

This was truly AWESOME because my fears of running out of money before I built up my  business were gone. I could now focus on growing my  business, and the sales funnel would take care of the rest.

Another really cool thing is that I never had to pick up the phone - can you imagine what a relief it is to  know that you can make a ton of money without having to buy leads or make cold calls!

My personal preference in making money online is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with someone else’s product. But knowing how to do it correctly is so important for YOUR success.
It's very possible to turn a handsome profit using this affiliate money making system.  Just knowing where to start is the real key to making money online. Without the correct knowledge, you will waste precious time and a load of money. 
My favorite place to hang out Online is the  social site United Wealth Builders where I found great friends  who are willing to help and listen to people just like you and I.
Come and visit us @