Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Club Asteria - Your Gateway to a brighter Future

You all know by now that Club Asteria is paying for months and hundreds of people joining every day and even updgrading as Network Directors ($1k and above) and you can see how many are joining as ND every day here
Many in club asteria are already earning $3k and above per month by way of weekly commission run, Cash bonus, Referral commission and Network director's Income.
Weekly commission Run
Every week on Thursday weekly commission are paid for on the number of asterios one has, it goes up to maximum of 10%, as on date it is hovering around 7 to 8%. Out of that 80% goes back to your account as asterios and rest 20% in cash balance which you can either withdraw or reinvest. This way your asterios keep going up every week.
Cash Bonus
If any of your direct referrals purchase asterios, you get 10% commission.

Referral Bonus
One has to join either as Silver ($10 per month) or as gold member ($20 per month) and later purchase asterios. You get $9 for each direct gold under you and $4.50 for each direct silver under, if you have 50 direct gold, that will give you $450 per month.

NetworkDirector's Income
Already the above three income gives you a good monthly residual, but Network directors income can be huge and you get paid on your entire downlines unlimited depth, 5% if you are ND1, 10% if you are ND2 and 15% if you are ND3 etc. Joining as ND1 will cost you $1000 and as ND2 you need to purchase asterios worth $2000 and ND3 is $5k.
100% Matching Bonus
If you join as silver/gold and purchase 250 asterios and above with in 14 days you will get 100% matching bonus i.e you will have 250 + 250 = 500 asterios instead of 250 asterios, same applies if you go as Network director, you will get 100% matching bonus if you go as ND2, ND2 or ND3.

You can read more about the program and what is asterios and who is Andrea Lucas etc here :
If you want to join and upgrade you can click the banner below and if any query you can add me to skype : tulips52