Systems Don't Fail But People Do.........

Systems Don't Fail But People Do.........
And sometimes these people jump into another mlm company and bad mouth the company they were with.
They might even come to you and tell you how successful, smart and knowledgeable they are and how you should jump ship with them and let them sponsor you into this new company.
(the key words are they sponsor you)
Think about it - if they are so..o successful, smart and knowledgeable why are they jumping from one company to another. Ask them how many companies have they been with in the last 5 years and what level of success did they achieve and then why did they leave?
And why do they have to bad mouth a company if their new company is so good? And if they are so good?
Remember, you need to protect the credibility of your company. You should also ensure that your working relation with the member of your group, whether upline or downline, is always cordial.
And if you decide you want to leave and join another company, NEVER NEVER try to sponsor someone else's downline, also called cross sponsoring.
I have to tell you, I get angry, when I see unethical, self center, self serving people prey on the goodness of others for their own gain.
You have worked hard to build your business and if you want to stay in the MLM industry, you should never bad mouth your company, your upline and even your downline. Negative energy is like fire that could destroy your group, your company and even the whole industry itself.
"What We Can't Do Alone We Can Do Together"
Wishing You Unlimited Success,